About Us

We here at A to Z Volunteer Resources believes that everyone should have the chance to make a difference within their community.That's why we make it easy for good people to get connected to very good causes.

Building Community

A to Z is about people. We are a community that believes in the power of volunteering to enrich our lives and the lives of people around us. We believe that in order to be strong, a community must be constantly evolving, increasingly active and evermore diverse. We are proud to be supporting a community that grew to over 10 thousand users in our first 3 years.

Building Relationships

A to Z is about relationships. We are a service that brings good people and good causes together. We believe that the health of our community can be measured by the relationships formed between volunteers and the nonprofits they serve.

Building Partnerships

A to Z is about cooperation. We are a network that is only as strong as the partnerships that support it. None of us can build a community alone. We take partnerships seriously and seek to work with nonprofit, business and governmental leaders committed to building stronger relationships with their constituents around volunteering and service. Our aim is to build services that overcome the barriers that keep volunteers and nonprofits from finding each other, working together, and developing strong relationships.